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Open a company in Spain

Why open a company in Spain?

Spain has one of the most robust economies in the EU, thanks to strong inward investment, a booming manufacturing sector and a liberal business environment. Annual growth, currently well over three per cent, has been outperforming the EU average for a number of years. Spain has a deserved reputation as a low-cost land of opportunity for foreign investors but bureaucratic requirements are strict.

What are the main types of Spanish Company Formation?

  • Sociedad Anónima (S.A.): public limited company
  • Sociedad Limitada (S.L.): private limited company

What are the main features of a public limited company?

  • Standard structure for large businesses
  • Minimum share capital of €60.101,21, at least 25% paid up
  • Minimum number of shareholders is one
  • Annual audit is required, subject to company size

What are the main features of a private limited company?

  • Usual format for small and medium businesses
  • Minimum share capital of €3.,005,06, all paid up
  • Minimum number of shareholders is one
  • Annual audit is not usually required

Is it complicated to set up a business in Spain?

In order to avoid stress and burocracy preparing power of attorneys, visits to Spanish
Consutates in your country, etc. we highly recommend that the shareholder of the
future company pays a visit to Spain at the moment of the papers signature.

What about corporation tax?

Corporation tax in Spain is fairly high although there are concessions for smaller companies. The full rate is 35%, but smaller companies pay 30% on their first €90.152 of profits. A smaller company is defined as one whose annual turnover is below €3 million.

Incorporation in Spain

How easy is it to recruit staff in Spain?

Spain’s long-running economic boom has put pressure on the labor market but unemployment remains relatively high. However recruitment is rarely a problem for foreign companies seeking local staff. The workforce is well educated and flexible, labor costs are low and there are recruitment agencies throughout the country.

What is the Spanish regulatory environment like?

Companies are required to register and to submit annual accounts to the regulatory authorities. Annual audits are compulsory for larger companies. There are very few controls on foreign investment apart from restrictions on non-EU residents in certain strategic sectors, such as telecommunications. The labor market, however, is subject to tighter regulation. The maximum working week is 40 hours and companies have to provide six weeks annual leave to all workers.

What is the corporate tax rate in Spain?

The corporate tax rate is 33% on profits.

Are there financial incentives available for foreign investors considering Spanish Incorporation?

Spain offers a broad range of incentive schemes, many of them funded by the EU. These include regional incentives for investment in less developed areas of the country, measures to encourage investment in specific sectors and tax breaks aimed at reducing unemployment among young people.

How much does it cost to open a company in Spain?

Our service costs €9.810  and it includes: company incorporation in Spain, opening of bank account and VAT (fiscal) registration, virtual office for 12 months and Spanish telephone number.

The request of an INE number is obligatory for each of the partners.
The whole process takes at least 90 days to be effective.

How can I obtain more information about opening a company in Spain?

Please contact us if you have questions and/or want to receive more information on opening a company in Spain.


The benefits of having your own company are virtually unlimited. Opening and managing a company with Europa Expert’s orientation is even simpler and easier. We provide all the needed support to open and manage your company in Spain.

Services we provide
Consulting for new companies (company’s name, website, etc.)
Initial registration
Corporate documents
Bank account in Spanish bank
Business Address and Mailbox in Spain
Fiscal registration (VAT)
Accountancy (according to Spanish Law)
Annual tax declaration
Virtual Office in Spain

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IN EUROPE: +44 020 8144-5686    

 IN THE USA: + 1 305 824-9100

 FAX: 305 675-8584
 409 NW 10th Terrace
 Hallandale Beach, FL 33009 

 IN BRAZIL: +55 11 4063-6052 

 FAX: 11 3957-1612

 Rua Maestro Cardim, 354 – Cjs 91 e 92 

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 IN EUROPE: +44 020 8144-5686 

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